• Emily Trask

BREAKING NEWS! We can with this thing!

Although there was light turnout for the primary election on August 11 (16% of the eligible voters, 61% of whom sent in absentee ballots) the most committed voters showed up.

In the 25th Assembly race, the results in Manitowoc County were very close: Trask 2,523 and Tittl 2572—Trask closed in on the three-term Republican incumbent to WITHIN JUST 49 VOTES! And we're just getting started!!

While Tittl edged-out Trask in the villages and rural regions, in the City of Manitowoc Trask received 53% of the votes to Tittl just 46%, and Trask carried 16 of the city’s 20 districts.

This is a harbinger of what may very well turn out to be a very competitive race.

And one we have a real chance to win with your support.

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