• Emily Trask


In case you missed the Candidates Forum on WOMT this past week - we wanted to share with you Trask's opening remarks.

Hi! I’m Kerry Trask and I’d like to thank Seehafer Broadcasting, along with Brian Norton and Paul Titl for making this happen.

I’m running for the State Assembly because, after an entire decade of Republican-dominated government, with its big deals and massive tax-cuts for the likes of Fox conn as well as other big corporations and the super-rich, along with its union-crushing, healthcare-denying, and democracy-destroying policies, it’s time to change the priorities and focus the common good and the needs of the Wisconsin people.
To do this will require a new kind of representation—representation that is not merely a rubber-stamp support system of partisan interests, and I believe I have the temperament, experience, education, and work ethic to be an effective, open-minded advocate for the interests of the people of the 25th Assembly District.
I’m not seeking a political career, the goal of which is to get election and reelection over and over again. Freed of that, I can steer a more independent course beyond any party agenda without the pull and pressure of special interests, so that the public interest will be the driving force motivating my actions and decisions.
Bob LaFollette use to say that “the best solution for the problems of a democracy, is more democracy,” and this will be my approach in representing the people of this District.
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