• Emily Trask


CLOSING REMARKS from the Candidates Forum

It has now been over 180 days since Robin Voss’s Republican State Assembly has done any work whatsoever for the people of Wisconsin, currently caught at the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Whenever called into session, it has gaveled in and gaveled out without taking up any business, and consequently our “full-time” Assembly has become the most inactive, non-performing governing body on the entire country.
It’s time for a change in both attitudes and priorities.
It’s time people were made safe from the pandemic and a state-wide plan based on good science implemented to reduce the ferocious of its spread.
It’s also time for all the people of this state to have access to affordable healthcare, and for our working families to be paid a living wage.
We are Wisconsin, and we once had a proud reputation for clean government and we were known throughout the world as the “laboratory of democracy,” and it’s high time we again had fair election maps and an end to systematic voter suppression.
Much work will be required to restore the quality of life we once had. But I’m eager to roll up my sleeves to help make our state government work well for all of us again. Please vote Trask for Assembly.
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