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"Coronavirus: Not My Problem" - by Noah Metzen

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

You know, I’m starting to think someone really ought to do something about this “Covid” thing. I mean, with Wisconsin getting more than 2,000 new cases every day and with Manitowoc County having now piled-up more than 900 cases since May, at around 140 new cases a week -- I can’t help thinking we ought to start taking this thing seriously. I know, call me crazy.

But of course, our impressive ability to fail to contain a deadly epidemic is no reason to give into tyrannical, fact-based measures like mask mandates. And that’s why I have an undying respect for our Republican representatives, who have been so willing to take a stand against Governor Evers’ totalitarian tendencies.

After all, what’s really important is not for our Republican representatives to work with Evers to better manage this disease, but for them to whine about wearing masks and to continue working hard every single day to politicize and polarize every aspect of this epidemic.

And theirs is the courageous stance. Masks are uncomfortable, and I don’t want to socially distance. I mean, is it really reasonable to expect me not to get together for drinks with 30 or 40 of my closest friends if it means that fewer people get sick and fewer people die?

No it isn’t. Not for a second.

It is my right as an American to cough freely on every cashier, waiter, and passerby careless enough to cross my path. And anyone who says otherwise, anyone who wants to find a way for Wisconsin businesses to operate safely, who wants employees and customers to stay healthy; well they can go to hell. Because while some workers are essential -- we must always remember they are also disposable.

So, thank you Republicans. Thank you for taking a stand against tyranny. Thank you for taking a stand against science. But most of all, thank you for standing against empathy.

Because at the end of the day, why should we give a damn as long as it's someone else that's getting sick?

And as long as I’m healthy, why would I want a representative who values science-based solutions and cares more about the wellbeing of Wisconsinites than in profiting politically? Why should I want a representative like Kerry Trask?

I don’t, and neither should you.

Written by Noah Metzen

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