• Emily Trask

"Let’s celebrate what we just accomplished."

The election has come and gone and we’re too old to cry about dashed hopes. So, let’s celebrate what we just accomplished.

Without regrets or second thoughts, I’m profoundly pleased with what we did and how we did it. I’m especially proud that our campaign provided the opportunity for so many good, caring, progressive people to come together in an authentic grassroots effort to build back Wisconsin better.

As the candidate, I was extremely fortunate to have the help and good ideas of some remarkable people, chief among them our Democratic Party Chair, Sherrie Francar, Kathie Fishbeck, and my campaign treasurer, Ron Kossik. I’m deeply indebted to them for their good advice, unceasing hard work, and for helping me over the hurdles.

In our efforts to run a different kind of campaign—one which went beyond the same-old traditional methods by being multifaceted and multimedia—our success was largely due to the creativity and sense of adventure of Emily and Michael (alias Georgie and Gracie), my brilliant and funny daughter and son-in-law, who worked well beyond the usual boxes.

But most of all, this grassroots campaign emerged because of the many goodhearted, progressive party members and community people hungry for positive change and the rebirth of democracy in the place where we all live. It was them who gave so generously of their time and treasure, who staffed the headquarters day after day, who eagerly put up signs everywhere, noticed our billboards, chuckled at our radio commercials, and sent emails and Facebook comments that gave heart and hope to what we all wanted to achieve together. My thanks to them is to the moon and back.

We didn’t win an Assembly seat, but above and beyond that goal, we stopped just cursing the darkness and gave voice to our affirmative values, and we contributed thousands of good, honest Democratic votes to Joe and Kamala’s winning of Wisconsin. And that’s pretty damn good.

- Kerry Trask

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