• Emily Trask

Listening, Understanding, Advocating

Kerry Trask, a candidate to represent the 25th Assembly District, was pleased to accept the invitation to attend and speak at the rally organized by Lakeshore United Visionaries and Crusaders of Justicia on Monday, August 24. The purpose of the rally was to peacefully draw public attention to the police shooting of Jacob Blake of Kenosha, yet another apparently unarmed Black man brutally shot in the back seven times by a well-armed white police officer.

As a public figure Trask attended the event in order to listen and understand the concerns of the people who gathered on the Courthouse steps. He believes listening, especially to constituents, is a vital aspect of democratic representation. Also, when elected Trask intents to be a voice and advocate for all the people of the 25th District, regardless of race, color, class, or station in life. Understanding them and their concerns is essential to providing them with the kind of government they deserve.

Also, as a public figure Trask spoke at the rally, affirming his commitment to the peoples’ right to peaceably assemble and declare their grievances, while he also condemned unjustified violence against citizens especially by agents of the state sworn to protect them.

"Before we can have the lives and communities we long for, some things simply have to stop completely and forever,” he asserted, referring to such shootings, now all too common, and the attitudes concerning race, privilege, and power from which they arise.

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