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"Some Kind of Idiot" by Noah Metzen

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

After a decade of Republican dominated state government, with its massive tax cuts for corporations and the super-rich, now is the perfect time to take stock and see what the GOP has done for the people of Wisconsin.

So do it. Take a minute. Are you happy with your current state legislature? Do things seem to be going well? Have these legislators made your life better?

Of course they have -- everything is great. And if you ever start to worry, just remember the Grand Old Mantra, “if corporate tax cuts aren’t the solution, is there really a problem?”

I mean, how could you possibly see students drowning in debt and decide that the solution is making college more affordable? How could you see Wisonsinites who are uninsured or underinsured driven to bankruptcy by medical bills and think that the solution is affordable health care? How could anyone prefer a government that works for hard working Wisconsinites instead of doing its damndest to crush unions and small businesses?

After all, don’t the rich deserve a break? They’ve had a rough year.

But then again, maybe you are the kind of raging radical who thinks the people of Wisconsin deserve to have luxuries like “clean air and drinking water”. Maybe you’re the kind of unapologetic ideologue who thinks our elections should be fair and open, instead of being gerrymandered beyond belief, where an absentee ballot might just not arrive in time because of our Republican representatives’ reflexive distaste for democracy. Honestly, what kind of radical extremist supports controversial and experimental government programs like “the post office”? How could anyone want the option to vote by mail when you can take a trip down to your polling place and imagine all the smiling faces hidden behind your fellow voter’s masks?

You’d have to be some kind of idiot.

You’d have to be the kind of idiot who wants representatives that put the general good of society and the needs of the citizens of Wisconsin far ahead of their own political careers and the special interests of the groups paying for their campaigns. You’d have to be the kind of idiot that wants to see a better kind of politics -- a politics of tolerance and civility instead of division and ignorance.

You’d have to be my kind of idiot.

And if you are? Vote for Trask.

Written by Noah Metzen

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